Benefits Of Custom Made Orthotics

Orthotics are medically prescribed inserts for your shoes or heel for pain in your feet, legs, and back. Podiatrists specialize in problems pertaining to feet and identify your symptoms to create a custom orthotic for you. 

Conditions such as arthritis, bunions, flat feet, high arches, and injuries can severely affect the functioning of your feet by causing deformities, extreme pain, pressure, and discomfort. 

In Colorado Springs, custom made orthotics are made catering to every specific need of yours to heal effectively. They are designed to accommodate your feet and are comfortable. 

Improved posture

When your foot structure is improper, it does not provide your body with the support it requires leading to bad posture. Degeneration of your joints and muscles due to excessive stress on your body, along with back pain, are some consequences. Orthotics provide the necessary support and cushioning to your feet to help you maintain a healthy posture. 

Pain relief

Orthotics are used to bring relief to several complications that can arise in your feet and ankles. Some complications include excessive pressure on your toes which can form bumps called bunions; having high arches can lead to the inflammation of the plantar fascia and bursting of the fluid sacs in heels and toes – “bursitis.” 

Such pain can impact your daily movements and reduce your efficiency. Orthotics can drastically reduce the pain you experience, which positively affects the quality of your life. 

Better balance

Even distribution of your body weight on your feet prevents the accumulation of pressure in a particular area. This distribution benefits the movement of your muscles and posture by realignment of your foot structure. Your orthotics are designed based on deep research of the motion of your joints, where you exert pressure while walking, and the areas you experience pain. 

Injury prevention.

Athletes are more prone to suffer pain in their feet and legs due to the exhaustive nature of their training. Orthotics ensure the alignment of their body and promote better motion which boosts their performances. They can work out more efficiently without the risk of foot abnormalities. 


Individuals with feet and ankle problems might have to get surgery to treat their condition. In many situations, orthotics can be used as an alternative. 

They are non-invasive procedures with minimal chances of side effects. Customized for your comfort, they are made for the shape of your foot and the nature of your activities. Furthermore, the materials are chosen to provide flexibility or rigidity based on your diagnosis and necessary treatment. 


Pain in the feet can also be the symptom of an underlying disease such as diabetes. Diabetes can affect the nerve activity in your feet, leading to the formation of ulcers. The wear and tear of feet are reduced by additional cushioning and avoids worsening of the lost sensation. 

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