Awesome Tips to Help your Child Avoid Cavities

Young children can develop decayed tooth surfaces when they don’t practice a healthy dental habit. That is why parents should help their kids prevent cavities by seeing a reputable clinic like Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga. Also, they should employ the following oral health tips:

Don’t Let your Kids Drink Sugary Liquids

Although your child can benefit from baby bottles, misusing the latter can lead to oral issues including tooth decay. Thus, you must not put sugary liquids in the baby bottle. In case your child is used to sugary liquids in their bottles, you can trick them by slowly introducing water into their mix.

Help your Child Follow an Oral Care Routine

It is important for kids to be introduced to the importance of establishing a consistent oral care routine and sticking to it. You can let them begin such routine before their first birthday.

Even if your child still doesn’t have teeth, clean their gums with a clean, damp cloth to eliminate the residual food. This helps in improving the health of their soon-to-appear teeth and being familiar with oral care early in their life.

Avoid Bedtime Bottles

Bedtime bottles can destruct your child’s developing teeth and gums. When those bottles are left in their mouth, the sugar from the liquid can result in pain and infection. Help your child establish a bedtime routine without their bottles. If your child really needs a bottle to get to sleep, let them have bottle filled water.

Brush and Floss as a Family

Kids are often motivated to do something if their family is with them. To help them brush and floss their teeth regularly, do these things with them. This is a fun way to guide them into maintaining a healthy brushing routine. Also, this is an excellent way for all members of the family to become more accountable for their oral care.

Watch what they Eat

Improving the diet of your child helps them get a healthier mouth. A diet for kids includes some fibrous fruits and vegetables as well as great sources of calcium such as milk. This can help in improving the enamel of your child, preventing the teeth from cavities.

Tooth decay is uncomfortable and can impact a developing mouth’s health. This is the reason kids should learn to follow a good mouth care routine to prevent cavities. Also, a routine visit with a pediatric dentist is the best way to stay on top of your kid’s oral health.

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