All About Medical-grade Facials

Who doesn’t like fresh and glowing skin? Medical grade facials in Colorado Springs are a great way of keeping your face attractive. Whether it is a special event that is coming up or a regular day, you can choose to go for a medical facial to uplift your look.

What Is a Medical Facial?

It is a procedure that is done to clean the skin and make it look beautiful. A medical facial helps in achieving the same results as a normal facial but even better since better medical aids are used in the process. It uses tools like microdermabrasion and chemical masks and sometimes can also involve more sophisticated tools like light therapy and radiofrequency.

It is a treatment that can be customized according to the results that you want to achieve and your skin type and sensitivities if you have any.

What to Expect?

It is a process that takes about 30 minutes to an hour and is done keeping the skin type and any skin issues in mind. It has all the necessary steps of a facial like cleansing and exfoliation and leaves you with the skin replenished, hydrated, and glowing. It is also helpful in fighting the signs of aging and retracting the damage done by the sun. It helps in pigmentation too.

Medical facials are incredibly helpful in tackling acne and can be very helpful in improving overall skin health if you get them done regularly. Ideally, you can choose to go for another medical facial about 4 to 6 weeks after getting one. Your dermatologist will check your skin and suggest the number of sittings to you.

How Is It Better Than Your Regular Facial?

It is a very natural question that you ought to follow, this is how it is different from your normal spa or parlor facial. While your normal facial gives you a great massage it cannot compete with a medical facial when it comes to penetrating deep into the skin. While a normal facial might not meet the promises that the provider makes, a medical-grade facial is certain to give you long-lasting and desirable results.

The reason that a medical facial generates outcomes that are much better than your regular facials is that it uses a much efficient range of products and tools.

So, a medical facial is the right way to prepare your skin for a special day.

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