Alkaline Water Benefits – Watch out for the Claims!

Can alkaline water really cure cancer or improve your energy? Based on the manufacturers of Alkaline Water Ionizers, as they are known as, it may do that plus much more!

Although this may seem like the solution to all ailments, the cost should provide you with back lower to earth. However, some might have the benefits justify the cost. But could alkaline ionized water Do what’s claimed?


Why do some believe alkaline water cure cancer? Based on the manufacturers from the ionizing machine it is because water becomes an anti-oxidant. This means that it requires on surplus electrons that may then eliminate “toxins”. Toxin damage in your body should be the reason for serious illnesses like joint disease and cancer.

Eliminating toxins (that are presumed to become running unchecked within our physiques) will reverse these terrible illnesses.

Although this sounds very plausible, it does not remember that our physiques really have devastatingly effective NATURAL anti-oxidants that are Countless occasions more efficient!

A problem crops here. Is alkaline ionized water REALLY an anti-oxidant as claimed? Well, think about this: Are you aware that alkaline water can bleach the colour from iodine? What’s significant relating to this? It will this (watch for it… ) since it is an OXIDANT! Consider bleach. The oxidizing power bleach can perform exactly the same factor!

Anti-oxidant that may cure cancer? I do not think so.


All of your fluids have different pH readings. Many are alkaline others acidic.

A good example is stomach acidity. It must possess a low pH (Acidic) or perhaps your food would not be digested. However your bloodstream needs to be slightly alkaline or else you will die. Your body has excellent mechanisms for maintaining these balances. So, biologically speaking, alkaline water cannot change these measurements.

If we are about biology, we will discuss what can happen should you drink a glass of alkaline ionized water? Your very acidic gastric juices will strip water of alkalinity. So acidic water will enter your intestines. The next thing is that pancreatic fluids will neutralize the acidity from the water making it? – ALKALINE!

With the benefits of alkaline water being the talk of the town, everyone is looking for the best solutions to getting the filtration system. To get alkaline water benefits Singapore, you can choose the water filtration systems from the house of Triple Lifestyle.

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