Achieve Your Pregnancy Dreams with Egg Donation Program in Murray Hill, NY

Approximately 6 percent of married women in the US are unable to conceive after one year of trying. More so, up to twelve percent of women have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to full term. Fortunately, egg donation with fertility treatments provides renewed hope to get pregnant. At Noble Fertility Center, Peter Chang, MD, is dedicated to helping you get pregnant through egg donation in Murray Hill. To find out more about the advanced fertility treatment and how it can help you achieve the dream to expand your family, call or book an appointment online today.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a fertility procedure that helps achieve pregnancy using eggs donated by a healthy, young woman that your partner or a donor sperm fertilizes in the laboratory. After fertilization, the resulting embryos are transferred to your uterus, making you pregnant. The egg donors surrender all the rights to their donated eggs and future babies, ensuring that the baby you carry and give birth to is a hundred percent yours to love and cherish forever. At Noble Fertility Center, Dr. Chang is experienced in offering fertility treatments using egg donations for women of all ages.

Who is the Right Candidate for Egg Donation?

Several factors might make you the right candidate for egg donation as a means to get pregnant. These include having a disease that prevents getting pregnant, being of advanced reproductive age, or ovarian failure.  Egg donation will allow you to have a healthy pregnancy and carry a baby if you can’t get pregnant using your eggs and achieve your dream of childbirth and pregnancy.

What is Anonymous Egg Donation?

When it comes to anonymous egg donation, the team at Noble Fertility Center obtains the donor eggs from healthy, young, pre-screened donors. The doctor ensures that the donors are suitable genetically, physically, and psychologically. The donor screening process involves making an initial phone call and a comprehensive questionnaire and application. The donors then undergo:

  •     Exclusive interview with the clinical coordinator at Noble Fertility Center
  •     All-inclusive medical screening
  •     Genetic screening from qualified geneticists
  •     Psychiatric screening
  •     Reproductive and general health screening to evaluate genetic and infectious diseases

Only after completing these steps will the donors’ eggs qualify to be acquired and used for fertility treatments.

What is Directed Egg Donation?

If you have a friend, relative, or colleague from whom you would like to get eggs, she will be enrolled as a directed egg donor in the fertility program. However, regardless of how well you know your potential donor, they will have to go through the same comprehensive screening to determine the suitability of egg donation. The attorneys will also draft the egg donation contract and agreement. If your directed donor does not qualify for egg donation, Noble Fertility Center has the right to decline the use of the eggs. The physicians want to offer the best outcome for female infertility treatment and pregnancy.

To sum up, egg donation offers you hope to achieve your dreams of getting pregnant and carrying your child. If you want to explore egg donation as a means to get pregnant, call or make an appointment online with Noble Fertility Center today!



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