5  cleaning tips for a sparkling home

Someone has rightly said “cleanliness and organizing things is a practice and not a project.”House cleaning may be a routine activity but when you take a look at the things in which they are organized they give you immense happiness and pleasure. Your home is a reflection of your personality. Dusting, decluttering, sweeping, mopping, and organizing are various activities needed to keep your home sparkling. You undertake house cleaning not only to inculcate the feeling of happiness but also to sanitize the space and surroundings free from germs and bacteria which are the cause of diseases.

Let us take a look at how to clean the house that helps in maintaining a sparkling home.

Quick house cleaning tips:

  • 1st cleaning tip

The first activity of the day should be to keep household garbage to the collection center by segregating the dry and wet waste. This keeps the space clean and free from germs. The collection of garbage at home pollutes the atmosphere. You can use multi-utility hygiene liquid to disinfect the waste collection basket to continue its use for next time.

  • 2ndcleaning tip

The kitchen forms an important part of the house. Food crumbs fall on the floor and get stale. Space gets polluted. This attracts insects and cockroaches. Cleaning the kitchen is essential to keep away from germs causing illness. Kitchen sinks need to be disinfected with multi-use hygiene liquids at regular intervals to keep diseases away as experts have proved used utensils get contaminated with bacteria very quickly.

  • 3rd cleaning tip

Every member in the house travels outside for work to public places and when back from work,

they carry all the germs on feet These germs are transferred to the floor when you walk to the washroom for a shower. Children and toddlers always use the floor to play and move around.

Sweeping and mopping become essential to keep dust and germs away. It is advised to clean floors with surface disinfectants twice a day. House cleaners such as surface disinfectants not only kill the germs on the floor but spread the aroma and create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • 4th cleaning tip

Cleaning or washing of daily utilities such as hand towels, doormats, combs, table cloth, curtain, upholstery, etc is important. You can use the after wash detergent liquids to clean utilities from harmful germs and bacteria. Apart from cleaning your daily laundry sanitizing of mobiles, laptops, table surfaces, TV screens, TV remotes, AC remotes, furniture, etc has gained importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 5th cleaning tip

Toilet seats and bathrooms are full of harmful pathogens, microorganisms, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and bacteria. Cockroaches and flies make the space malign and start infesting the house. Cleaning of toilets and showers to keep the house clean with disinfectants is another essential activity.

Follow these tips regularly to maintain your home sparkly and hygienic.

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