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Stem Cell Regulation: A Happy Medium Between the U.S. and Japan

Following the well-publicized case of a number of Florida patients harmed by a stem cell clinic, the FDA went into hyper drive in its mission to rein in rogue clinics offering dangerous stem cell procedures. Ever since, regulators have made it clear that they intend to clamp down on the …

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Benefits of using FUE for eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is growing to be a popular service asked for by women between the ages 30 and 40. This is the time when overzealous plucking of the eyebrows can leave bald patches making you look old. However, there is the FUE technique used for eyebrow transplant. Its benefits include …

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Ways to Relieve Your Muscles from Soreness after Rigorous Exercises

Exercise is something that you would opt for, if you are health conscious and want to increase your fitness level. When you start with the regular exercise regime, you will definitely find your muscles to be sore and painful. You must not take off exercise from your routine just because …

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Benefits of using spinal cord stimulators

Those that are suffering from acute back pain and in whose cases, other therapies or treatment have failed, spinal cord stimulators can be a boon. The therapy has helped several people get relief from chronic back, arm and leg pain. Other benefits of using the spinal cord stimulators include less …

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Save your teeth from getting pulled- Root Canal Therapy

Excellent oral and dental hygiene is essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and help you in increasing the lifeline of your teeth. However, if you are facing a problem with your teeth and have tried almost all treatment options, then root canal therapy can come as a reliever. …

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