10 Reasons to Stop Consuming Alcohol

Drinking alcohol. It’s a pastime, a fun time, a necessary time for some people, a happy time for others, and dangerous for some. For sure, it is popular. According to the National Survey on Drug use & health, more than 80% of Americans, ages 18 and older, drink alcohol. Over the years, alcohol use in the United States has been quietly rising and so has high risk drinking and AUDZ (alcohol use disorder).

For many people, the use of alcohol has become a determining factor in their lives and behaviors. Are you one of them? Have you ever considered stopping the use of alcohol? Since drinking alcohol is so prevalent in the United States (in other words: Every Body Drinks!). easing up on alcohol consumption or dropping it altogether can be a difficult challenge for many people.

If you are one of those people who are thinking about an end to alcohol use, you might consider these factors in making a decision:

1. Saving money. If you stop alcohol use, you will probably save money. Your alcohol expenses vary, of course, with how much and often you drink and also whether you tend to drink at home or in a public place such as the local bar. For some users, quitting alcohol can mean a saving of hundreds of dollars a month.

2. Better mental health. Have you ever awakened one morning not sure of what you were doing the night before? Giving up alcohol may mean an end to those fears and a new beginning for you.

3. Better relationships. Depending upon how much you drink and your overall reaction to alcohol, you may become a “different person” when you use alcohol, and sometimes that “different person” is not appreciated by family and friends. Dropping alcohol may mean a new relationship with those around you.

4. Legal problems may be a thing of the past. A drinking binge may involve fights in a bar or accidents on the road, which may lead to charges against you or even jail time. These problems can often – and usually do – lead to increased expenses – both mental and financial – on your part.

5. Better physical health. Continued use of alcohol has been known to affect physical health in many6 ways, such as various skin problems. Some people exhibit what is probably the most common skin problems exacerbated by alcohol consumption. It is called facial flushing, which causes the skin blood vessels to dilate, resulting in a red look that may become permanent on the face, arms, and hands. Alcohol can also affect the liver, where it builds up fat and results in cirrhosis.

6. You may find it easier to lose weight (if you have to) by giving up alcohol. prolonged drinking is usually accompanied with eating various bites of food, such as while standing at a bar, and not sitting down to a regular, well-balanced meal.

7. You may find people a lot more interesting and vice versa! You won’t have to apologize so often for an unremembered action or remark.

8. Your sex life may improve. Too much alcohol has never been known to contribute to a healthier and/or happier sex life. You may be surprised at the reactions of your partner – and you.

9. Hangovers may be a thing of the past. Anyone who has ever suffered a “good” one could agree with that.

10. Best of all, how about if you just become a happier you? You-re saving money, improving relationships, and improving your overall health. If you have any problems, large or small, with the alcohol you consumer and any problems with what has happened because of that consumption, getting alcohol out of your life may be just the right plan. Why not try it and see?

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